There’s an app for that


Every time I go back home, there is one question that my family never fails to ask: Do you have a boyfriend?

Not, how are you? How is school going? How are your classes? These questions are eventually ask, but most would expect that these would come first.

Then the follow-up questions: When will you start dating? What are you waiting on?

Point being, young adults feel pressure to get married between the ages of 21-30. Pressure from parents. Pressure from family. Pressure from the older generation. Pressure from young adults who are married. Pressure from society.

Everyone feels the need to put in their two cents, I mean advice, on when we should start dating or get married. Some go as far as to tell you who you should marry.

Why is everyone in a rush for me to date/marry? I’m not. It’ll happen when it’s supposed to and I’ll be happen even if that happens to be after the dreaded 30 year mark. I don’t feel the need to rush to find the perfect guy or rush to get married. That’s a really big decision and I don’t believe it is something that should be rushed into.

Check this out: The pressure is strong. Some young adults are succumbing to the pressure and getting married. Not saying that all of them are rushing, some of them may have very well found their soul mates. Just saying that a lot of young adults are marrying young these day.73e4acd51b15f09c59336f513545a3fe

Why is everyone in a rush to get married? I graduated high like a decade ago. Just kidding, it’s only been almost five years. And in those short five years, people who I either graduated with or went to high school with are married.

For example, I went to high school with a quints: three girls and two guys. They are graduated high school in 2013, two years after I did. The three girls are already married: one in 2014 and the other two in 2015. And without thinking very hard, I could probably name 10-15 others who have already gotten married. That number is actually higher.

It’s hard not to think about the idea that you’re getting old or waiting too long, when it seems like everyone around you is getting married. But hey, in the age of technology that we’re in… maybe there’s hope after all for those of us in that age bracket who haven’t taken the plunge or don’t see it happening anytime soon. Or maybe just someone else giving their two cents, oops I mean advice. The only difference is this time it’s through a screen.

If you need help determining whether the relationship you’re in is going to make it for the long haul, there’s an app for that. No, seriously.

logo-white.pngNanaya was created just for that purpose. According to,, is “an online site that can predict the user’s chances of finding an ideal match, where it’s most likely to happen, when you should settle down and how happy you’re likely to be in the relationship.”

And it only gets better. If you need help deciding what is the ideal age for you to get married, there’s an app for that.

Time Magazine created an app that calculates just that. And guess what, it’s screenshotbased upon
the ages your Facebook friends tied the knot. Find it here. According to the, the app “uses your Facebook friends and your birthday to calculate when is your ideal date to get married.  By using the median age of your married friends, this will theoretically figure out when it will be a good time for you to do the same – settling in a committed relationship.”

What? You mean to tell me, all I had to do is go online and answer some questions to find our when I’m going to find the perfect match and when I should settle down. Or connect an app to my Facebook to find out what age I should marry.

I’m in no way convinced that these these are true or have any accuracy, but I haven’t actually tried them out. Just couldn’t bring myself to.

But please don’t let my family find out… I’ll really never hear the end of it then.



2 thoughts on “There’s an app for that

  1. Traneshia, I am often bombarded with the same questions when I go home or visit family out of town. It’s frustrating, but there shouldn’t be any rush. I congratulate for not giving into the dating app scene. I think that when the right one comes, it will be clear, evident and you won’t dare have to question if that person “is the one.” Patience grasshopper, patience.


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