Museum of Broken Relationships

img_4199That’s right, you read it correctly. But before you get your hopes up or down, this is not a post about my failed or broken friendships or relationships.

It’s a real museum! The museum consists of donated mementos and keepsakes that people would normally throw away or stuff in a box after breakups. Now people can actually put those things to good use.

In 2006, the museum began as a traveling exhibition. In 2010, a permanent location was found in Zagreb. It first started in Croatia by two artists three years after their break up.

You can find things from “rings, presents, and clothing items, unusual contributions have included air sickness bags from a long distance relationship, an axe that one boyfriend used to chop up his girlfriend’s furniture after she fell in love with someone else, and a candy thong.”

fc73b7c553293394dfdb8bbd2696bbc2If this sounds intriguing to you. No worries. You don’t have to send your broken relationship mementos all the way to Croatia. (Unless you want to). In May, The Museum of Broken Relationships will open in L.A. (A replica of the Croatia exhibit). They are accepting donations.

According to an article, “It will showcase 70 relics from the Zagreb museum, along with 30 items provided by lovelorn locals.” Next to each item, the place of origin and its significance will be found.

So, if you’re tired of seeing that box under your bed, at the top of your closet, stuffed away in your garage, attic or basement – be a good Samaritan and donated it to the museum.

Why not feel good about yourself for donating and do a little therapy by getting rid of stuff that reminds you of your past friendships or relationships all at the same time?

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