Canada, not the only option

Since Trump announced that he was running for president, people have been talking about fleeing the country if he is elected. Those statements resurfaced last week.untitled546

As Super Tuesday results began to come in, more and more people searched phrases like: how to move to Canada or move to Canada. Why? Because Trump won most of the Republican primaries and caucuses. And the possibility of him actually becoming presidential became much more of a reality.

For those who plan on fleeing the Trump administration, where are you going to go? I’ve only heard talk of Canada, but are there other options? I ask because, Canada’s winter temperature falls below freezing in most of Canada. And I am not a fan of cold weather.

In article on the Washington Post, there is a guide to see where you might want to go based upon the reason you want to leave – basically what you dislike most about Trump.

imagesFHFS6FEAFor example, if you prefer your press free and “want to live in a place where no one bullies the press,” then you might want to consider Finland. Finland was at the top of the 2015 World Press Freedom Index. Norway and Denmark where also at the top, according to the website.


Other reasons to flee if Trump is elected:

  • You find his coarse behavior obnoxious
  • You don’t want to fight wars
  • You don’t think he’s tough on abortion
  • You trust the federal government more than private industry
  • You like the idea of people being “politically correct” or rather, not offending each other
  • You think he’s a misogynist, and you want a country that appreciates having a woman in charge

Check out the website above if you’re curious to see which places would be best for the following reasons listed.

Have you considered moving if Trump is elected? If so, why? If past elections, very few people have made good on their promise to flee. Will this year be any different?untitled1545


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