Hello! Hola! 안녕하세요! (annyeonghaseyo)

My name is Traneshia. I am a 22 year old senior at the University of Louisiana Monroe. I am majoring in Communication with a concentration in Journalism and am minoring in English and Spanish. On May 14 I will be graduating (oooh yeah!)

I work on campus with the Hawkeye Student Newspaper as the Chief Copy Editor and also do a little work with the Ouachita Citizen when I can. I also work at Old Navy. (super busy)

I absolutely LOVE to write! I have written songs, speeches, poems, short stories, blogs, essays, etc. Writing is definitely a passion of mine and I believe it is also a gift God has blessed me with. I recently started to delve back into the world of writing and hope to better my skills and gift.

I also love to learn about other cultures and languages. I am studying Spanish now. (Estoy estudiando espanol ahora.) I can write and read, but not so comfortable with speaking yet. (Puedo escribir y leer pero no tan comodo hablando todavia). I also plan to start studying Korean soon.

I have a really big family. Three parents still living… my biological father – Perry and my spiritual parents – Ryan and Taylor. I have eight sister – Latoshia, Lakeshia, Shaniqua, Latreshia, Kabriel, Kennedy, Rachael and Delaney (oldest to youngest). I love them all and am blessed to have each of them in my life!


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