Post Spring Break Blues

untitled8784I was going to write about something going on it the news. … But I’ve decided to write about something that most students might be feeling right about now. … post Spring Break blues.

Spring Break is the longestĀ and last break in the Spring semester. And this semester it seemed as though it came a little earlier than normal. Which means we have four weeks left until finals, well for graduating seniors.

We’re in the home stretch. But how can we focus on all the projects, exams,imagesUROWYHCC papers, presentations and finals we need to prepare for when it’s so warm and pretty outside.

I should be motivated with only four weeks left of my undergraduate career, but my motivation level is at an all-time low. No motivation to go to class. No motivation to pay attention. No motivation to do homework. No motivation to study.

But I somehow someway, I have to find some motivation. Any amount would help me right now. I don’t have time to slack off. Gotta shake these post spring break blues. But how?

First, I am going to make a to-do list of all the assignments I have left in the semester.

Second, I have to pace myself and prioritize.

Third, don’t forget to leave some time to relax and catch your breath. Sit outside in the sun. Eat ice cream. Watch Netflix. Sleep.

It’s important to remember that it’s only four weeks and that I’m not alone. And to remember summer is closer than you think. Always keepĀ the end goal in mind: graduation!

With that being said, let’s shake off these post spring break blues and get motivated to end this semester strong. After all, for some of us, this is our last semester undergrad. Let’s make the most of it!